Jesus Has Been Pursuing You

The Song of Solomon Reveals Jesus’ Love for You

As we read this little book we realize that it’s not like any other.

This book found in the center of the Bible is just eight chapters long, and yet it communicates a fierce love between a king and a simple shepherdess. It’s intense and it is loving. I believe that this is God’s heartbeat for people everywhere. He passionately wants far more than we have dreamed possible.

Charles Spurgeon

Evangelist, 1834-1892

 “We see our Saviour’s face in almost every page of the Bible, but here we see His heart and feel His love to us…We cannot appreciate the spirituality of this book unless God’s Spirit shall help us”

C.I. Scofield

Theologian, 1843-1921

 “Nowhere in Scripture does the unspiritual mind tread upon ground so mysterious and incomprehensible as in this book, while the saintliest men and women of the ages have found it a source of pure and exquisite delight”

Matthew Poole

Puritan, 1624-1679

 “Song of Solomon has no charm in it for the unspiritual ears. The truth is, this book requires a sober and pious, not a lascivious and foolish reader”

Bryan Lowe

I’ve been a full-time street preacher in San Francisco, a Bible teacher at the Alaska Bible Institute, a missionary to Mexico, and a pastor of Kachemak Bay Christian Center. I taught Song of Solomon for several years at the Alaska Bible Institute.